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Tally Tutorial Accounting Basics


A tally is a complete business accounting software developed by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore , India.

Now we are going to learn tally here.

(with Video Tutorials also)

First you need to know, some accounting basics

Accounting Basics

  • Every Transaction in any business, there must be ledger accounts for record transaction details. 
  • For Every Transaction, there are minimum 2 entries for ledger accounts, one for Debit(Dr) and another for Credit(Cr).
  • Debit(Dr) means what comes-in (For Particular Ledger A/C).
  • Credit(Cr) means what goes-out.
  • All expenses are comes under Debit(Dr).
  • All Incomes are comes under Credit(Cr).
  • All purchases are comes into the purchase Ledger a/c.
  • All sales are out from the sales Ledger A/c.

Here is an Example of Transaction.

"Payment made of Rs. 2000/- for 'Room Rent'".
Ledgers to be Effected:- 1. Room Rent A/c 2. Cash.
Transaction Flow as follows: 

Transaction for Debit and Credit

see more examples
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